4 Ways to Create a Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaign That Will Make Them Swoon

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Michiko Morales

Cupid has his arrow pointed high, and we’re all catching the love bug this year, including small businesses. As Valentine’s Day nears, preparations are in order – I’m not talking about a dozen roses, chocolates or candy hearts – rather your social media campaign.

A new National Retail Federation survey anticipates that spending for Valentine’s Day is set to reach a record high of $18.9 billion, making Valentine’s Day the perfect time for businesses to step up their social campaigns and have customers fall in love with your brand. It is the day of love, isn’t it? But as a small business, how do you make your social campaign stand out among the big dogs? How can you make yours more unique and catch your audience’s eye?

Getting involved in social media for a technology PR agency, I’ve witnessed a wide variety of campaigns across the industry – some good, some bad and a few downright ugly. This Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity to step up your social media game with a campaign that will kick butt using these four tips.

  1. Make it fun and personalized.
    An example of a well-personalized campaign is Taco Bell’s interactive Snapchat story. Taco Bell provided a range of Valentine’s Day cards, then gave viewers detailed instructions on how to personalize and send the Valentine to their loved ones. This Valentine’s Day campaign scored big, especially with the millennial generation.

    By creating a personalized campaign, it encourages your audience get involved with your brand, company and product. The more they can relate to and picture themselves using your product (even if it only lasts for 24 hours), the more likely it will lead to a purchase. And the more fun and innovative you make it, the better the chance your audience will share it with their followers.

    Bonus tip: Engage with your audience! If you see a funny post, retweet it on Twitter or share it on Facebook. Let your audience know that you’re not a robot and are actually paying attention to them.
  2. Create a universal #hashtag.
    We get it – a social campaign needs a hashtag. But during any holiday, it’s especially important to help make your brand stand out among the hundreds of others fighting for the limelight.Hashtags are a perfect way to generate conversation between your company and its audience. Encourage your audience to utilize your hashtag – posting videos or pictures of themselves with your product and using your hashtag. Dunkin Donuts encouraged followers to use #DDHearts and a message to their Valentine for a chance to win JetBlue tickets or a special video from the company.

    But, as always, don’t forget to interact with the users who are participating. A simple action – liking the post, for example – can go a long way. In the eyes of the consumer, you’re more than just a brand.

    Not only do hashtags encourage people to interact with your brand, it also helps track who is interacting and when (cue your ah-ha moment), resulting in a more targeted campaign! This way, you’ll know what worked – and what didn’t – for future campaigns.

  3. Keep it consistent.
    Epsilon’s “Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study 2015” found that retailers’ social media posts and pages have a greater influence on consumers than any other channel. Step one, grab and keep their attention.To do so, each and every social channel your brand is active on should replicate the same customer experience – otherwise you could lose your audience’s interest. From the moment the audience sees your hashtag to the time they decide to make a purchase or end action, it should all have the same theme and tone. The obvious things – logo, taglines and pictures – should be consistent, too.

    With that being said, don’t forget about your company webpage. Your social campaign’s goal is to drive users to your site, but it’s easy to lose them if your webpage doesn’t flow with your Twitter, Facebook and other social posts.

    A consistent and engaging social campaign will bring your audience in, create interest, and keep them coming back in the future.

  4. A campaign with a cause.
    Nothing screams ‘love’ more than giving back to a good cause. Use your Valentine’s Day campaign in conjunction with a charity or donation drive and encourage your audience to take part. Macy’s previous #MacysGoesRed campaign is a great example. In support of American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign, Macy’s vowed to donate two dollars per social post.By tying your campaign to a cause that’s important to you and your business, you also appeal to your audience’s holiday spirit. People tend to make decisions emotionally, rather than rationally. What better way to use your social media platforms during a holiday all about love than by giving back and donating to a good cause?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to step up your social media efforts and unite your brand with current and potential customers thanks to a well-thought out and executed campaign. Using these four tips, you’re sure to blow your campaign out of the water, even after the holiday blows over. You’ll engage customers while creating exceptional results for your business

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