Award-Winning Analyst Relations for Maximum Influence and Visibility

Exposure to Industry Analysts that Builds Credibility and Increases Visibility

Analyst relations programs custom-built to secure the attention of third-party industry researchers who can validate your product or service and its value to the market.

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Industry analysts are key influencers who define the future of markets. Making sure you are communicating and building credibility with those that influence the trajectory of products, investments and purchases is crucial to helping new and emerging markets, products and services develop, mature, get adopted and, eventually, positively impact the world.

Engaging in analyst relations entails proactively interacting with analysts at industry research firms with the goal of cultivating a mutually beneficial connection that drives advocacy and market influence. Importantly, it should be emphasized that offering insights to these firms does not require being a paying customer.

At GMG, we help our clients engage with industry analysts to effectively articulate the market challenge they are addressing, detail the pains experienced by customers and concisely explain how their company or product or service offers a distinctive solution to these challenges.

As analysts represent the “voice of the customer,” An AR program seeks to sway buying decisions over time. Serving as the “eyes and ears” of enterprise buyers, analysts track key players in a given space, their products and their applicability and value to analyst firms’ own clientele.

Investing in AR can help your company build credibility and increase visibility. With coverage by analyst firms, both existing and potential customers will view your company as a serious player with a proven product and a sound business strategy.

Ready for GMG to help you establish a strong relationship with industry analysts?