Eight Ways B2B Companies Can Benefit From Enterprise Videos

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Melinda Adamec

In today’s digital-first era business moves at the speed of light. That’s why companies must constantly seek innovative ways to engage with their audience, especially in the B2B space. If the social media explosion has taught us anything, it’s that video is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to reach their customers. Short, concise, visually captivating videos can pack a powerful punch in communicating complex ideas, products, or services to potential clients. 

Incorporating short enterprise explainer videos into your B2B marketing strategy can enhance brand awareness, drive lead generation and ultimately boost business success. In fact, 92% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. However, pulling out your iPhone to capture the essence of what makes your organization simply won’t do and could, in some cases, cause irreparable harm. 

While there are no shortcuts to engaging prospects in your funnel and converting them into customers, video is one of the closest. Here are eight ways your B2B can benefit from the power of enterprise videos.

1. Enterprise Videos Can Simplify Complex Concepts

B2B organizations often offer intricate solutions or technical products that may be challenging to explain. A short explainer video comes to the rescue, simplifying complex concepts into easily digestible visuals and narratives. By breaking down complicated ideas into manageable pieces, businesses can capture the attention of their target audience and ensure that their message is understood clearly.

2. Video Always Enhances Engagement

There’s no arguing that our attention spans are waning, so capturing and retaining your audience’s attention is critical. Videos lasting less than two minutes can cater to this attention deficiency by delivering valuable information quickly and concisely. With visually appealing animations, captivating storytelling and a focused message, these videos keep viewers engaged and encourage them to learn more about your offerings.

3. Videos Will Boost Brand Awareness 

A well-crafted video reflects the essence of your brand, its values, and its unique selling proposition. By incorporating your brand elements, such as logos, colors, and mascots, videos establish a strong brand presence and increase brand recognition. Potential clients who encounter your brand across different platforms are more likely to remember and trust your organization.

4. You Can Increase Conversion Rates with Video

A short explainer video can significantly impact the conversion rates of B2B marketing. According to studies, having an explainer video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. These videos provide an opportunity to showcase your product or service, highlight its benefits, and address any potential pain points your target audience may have. This persuasive approach nudges potential clients towards taking the desired action, whether signing up for a trial, subscribing to a service or contacting your sales team.

5. Strengthen SEO Efforts by Incorporating Video

Search engines are increasingly prioritizing video content in their rankings. By incorporating videos on your website, you can improve your SEO efforts and increase your chances of being found by potential clients. Additionally, these videos are highly shareable on social media platforms, which can further boost your online visibility and drive organic traffic to your website.

6. Foster Emotional Connections and Drive Thought Leadership Through Video

B2B decisions are based on rational factors but are also influenced by emotional connections. Short explainer videos have the power to tap into emotions, create a sense of empathy, and connect with the audience on a personal level. By showcasing real-life scenarios and success stories, businesses can demonstrate how their solutions have positively impacted others, generating trust and credibility. Further, videos can position executives as thought leaders in their industry. 

7. Enterprise Videos are Versatile for Multi-Platform Sharing

One of the significant advantages of enterprise videos is their versatility. They can easily be shared across various platforms, including websites, social media channels, emails and presentations. This flexibility enables B2B organizations to reach their target audience on multiple touchpoints, maximizing their reach and engagement potential.

8. Videos Can Offer Data-Driven Insights

By utilizing video analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into viewer behavior and engagement metrics. This data helps B2B organizations to refine their messaging, identify pain points in their sales funnel, and continuously improve the effectiveness of their explainer videos. Understanding viewer behavior can lead to more informed decisions that drive better results for the business.

Videos can be a game-changer for B2B organizations looking to drive business growth. By incorporating them into your marketing arsenal, you can pave the way for unparalleled success in today’s competitive landscape. At GMG, our mission-driven experts know how to creatively craft compelling narratives in a succinct way coupled with exciting visuals to get your message across. From developing the script and storyboarding to animation, editing and voiceovers, our award-winning professionals know how to create impactful videos that drive conversions.

Ready to find out more about how GMG can help boost your conversions by creating award-winning enterprise videos for your brand?

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