•  Strategy


    GMG provides the strategic expertise to help your company identify markets and potential partners (from OEMs, to SIs, to resellers, and more), build go-to-market and marketing plans, draft attack strategies and perform competitive analysis. On top of all that, we also help you to define or refresh your brand, provide product marketing and usability support to help you achieve your growth objectives.

    Here’s a taste of some of the Strategy services we bring to our clients:

    • Strategic Marketing Plan Creation. This includes all programs, product marketing, and integrated communications efforts to help your company grow its business, improve revenue generation, and promote a more rapid sales cycle.
    • Messaging Matrixes. We’ll layout and plot all of your products and corporate positioning to make sure that you’re in the best possible spot for success.
    • Brand Creation & Definition. We work with you to help define and create a brand that is compelling and appeals to your target audiences.
    • Strategic Support and Counsel. Together we’ll set your growth plans, including new market and vertical identification, channel/OEM opportunity identification, key titles and prospect targets, presence in executive meetings when needed, etc.
    Services at a Glance

    • Strategic Marketing Plans
    • Go to Market Plans
    • Opportunity Identification and New Markets
    • Messaging Matrixes
    • Brand Creation & Definition
    • Strategic Support and Counsel
    • Establish Lead Nurturing and Funneling Process
  •  Marketing Communications

    Marketing Communications

    At GMG, our Marketing Communications services include everything you need for compelling creative. From the design of brand elements to the planning and production of content calendars, we make sure your marketing communications strategy is integrated into your overall plan.

    Here’s a small sampling of our marketing communications services:

    • Creation and execution of content calendars. We help you plan how and when to communicate and what assets appeal to your targets at different stages of the marketing funnel.
    • White Papers and Case Studies. We can write anything. And we have! We can translate techno-speak to your Line of Business targets or produce pieces for extremely technical audiences.
    • Award-winning Animations. Our award-winning team of creative geniuses and developers have created some pretty cool brand and product animations, all at a reasonable cost. Check them out.

    These are just a few examples of the pieces we can develop. If you have a creative copy need, we’re your team.

    Services at a Glance

    • Web Copy
    • Animation
    • Advertorials and Banner Ads
    • White Papers
    • Collateral
    • Email and Content Marketing Creation
    • Landing page copy
    • Supporting campaign copy
    • Blogs
    • Bylines
    • Tweets and social media copy
    • Presentations
  •  Public Relations

    Public Relations

    PR is near and dear to our hearts here at GMG. It’s one of the key things that really sets us apart from our competition. It’s where a lot of us got our start, and press and analyst coverage goes a LONG way to get you noticed and build thought leadership on a tight budget. We have lots of ways to do just that (and, we’ve done it…like, a gazillion times).

    Our PR team has won a slew of awards, and has a presence on both coasts with partners in Europe and APAC. We are available all the time, whenever opportunity and news happens that is relevant to your business.

    Whether it’s a product review program, a keynote speaking opportunity, awards, or bylines in industry rags that show your prospects you know what you’re talking about, we do all of it, in an integrated strategic way that supports your growth.

    We could talk all day about this stuff (and, believe me we do) – just come visit us at GMG global headquarters, and you’ll see us in action or watch one of our videos and get to know us personally, or visit the client coverage page and you’ll see how our clients are rockin’ the media world.

    Some of what we do for PR clients include:

    • Media, Blogger, and Analyst Relations Planning. It’s always good to have the right people in your corner. We know who they are, and we know how to get them there.
    • Evergreen Pitching — Don’t have a ton of news? Sure, press releases are great, especially today because they do more than serve as a structured vehicle to pitch the press–they help support an overarching search engine optimization strategy. But, let’s face it! Sometimes, you just don’t have something press-release-worthy to say. That’s why we pitch what we call “evergreen” stories. That means continuous coverage even in your slow news periods. That also means thought leadership articles, customer success stories, and jumping on industry trends and new events.
    • Strategic Positioning and Product Messaging. Finding the right way to stand out can be tricky. We’ll provide you a position and message that resonates with business, tech, vertical and the trade press.
    • Press and Analyst Presentation Decks. When you’re giving that huge presentation to industry influencers, you’ll need the right visuals to support it. Let us take that messaging we helped you create and hone, and communicate it in the best way possible to the folks that spread the word to your prospects, partners, and investors.
    • Media Training. Even the most experienced spokesperson needs a little training here and there. We can coach you on how to best present yourself and your company to the media’s heaviest hitters.
    • Editorial Opportunities. We know you’re passionate about what you do and that you want to share your opinions on it with the rest of the world. We’ll identify the best upcoming spots to do just that on the industry’s top editorial calendars.
    Services at a Glance

    • Media, Blogger, and Analyst Relations Planning
    • Evergreen Pitching
    • Strategic Positioning and Product Messaging.
    • Press and Analyst Presentation Decks
    • Awards Programs
    • Media Training
    • Editorial Opportunities
  •  Inbound & Demand Generation

    Inbound & Demand Generation

    Here is where we focus exclusively on driving more qualified inbound traffic & awareness to your company. Our interactive services involve the detailed creation of marketing programs, plans, and all the metrics & measurements needed to make sure that your sales team is equipped with the tools and contacts required to meet your revenue goals. It also includes the in-depth expertise GMG brings to the table in the SEO, SEM and Social Media realm.

    Here are just a few of the endless interactive services that GMG provides:

    • SEO, SEM, and Lead Generation Strategy. You know those companies that always pop up at the very top of Google? Yeah. That can be you. We’ll get you there.
    • Keyword Identification and Implementation. We’ll continuously keep an eye on your metrics (and your competitors’, too) to zero in on the best keywords and search terms to make your company stand out from the crowd.
    • Web Analytics. You’ll never have to question where your company stands in the digital space. Our focused and aggressive analytics will keep you constantly in-the-know.
    • PPC Improvement and Implementation. We help you to reduce your current Pay-Per-Click spending by relying on more validated inbound links.
    • Competitive SEO Analysis. You’ll need to know what your competition is doing to drive their SEO. We’ll tell you, and then we’ll tell you how to do it even better (oh yeah, and poach their traffic).
    • Customer-Targeted Campaigns. Whether it’s e-mail or some other outlet, building a loyal customer base is essential to your success.
    • Key Influencer Identification. We’ll point you to all of the need-to-know people on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and every other vowel-averse social network on the web.
    • Social Presence Planning. Do you have your own blog? Are you on all the relevant social networks? We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get noticed.
    Services at a Glance

    • Demand Generation and Media Buying
    • SEO, SEM, and Inbound Strategy
    • Keyword Identification and Implementation
    • Web Analytics
    • PPC Improvement and Implementation
    • Competitive SEO Analysis
    • Customer-Targeted Campaigns
    • Key Influencer Identification
    • Social Presence Planning