GMG Launches New Website and Services Packaging  

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Leah Nurik

Today, we launched our new website. It has been in the works for a while, but, as so many of you know, the cobbler’s kids don’t get new shoes, we don’t often drink our own champagne…and I’m sure there is another metaphor about dog food, but I digress.   

The agency world is busy, busy, busy. Even when new business is slow, we work just as hard at servicing — and often overservicing — our mission-driven clients to help them achieve their business objectives and secure the media coverage and share of voice we know they deserve. I am so glad we could finally launch our new site, which corresponds to the messaging and mission on which we have been united for more than two years and is focused on mission-driven technology Public Relations and Market(ing) Strategy™ and Branding.  

Like many mission-driven companies, the GMG brand reflects our values and noble purpose. We are 100% committed to working with changemakers working to impact industry, the economy and humanity positively. Our exploratory partnership calls are not sales calls. We believe client and agency relationships are not transactional but need to be long-term partnerships where both client and agency share a mutual passion for the mission. At GMG, our average client retention rate is four years – and when our clients move on, they do so primarily because of a successful exit.  

With our new website, we’ve created a new user experience, selected imagery and packaged our services to demonstrate our commitment to our mission. We’ve used humanity-driven symbolism, bright colors and compelling messaging that reflect how we speak internally and externally so that our communications are wholly aligned across our business units and through all marketing, partner and thought leadership outreach.   

After building out our brand strategy and framework, this strategic approach mirrors the services we provide to our clients. We’ve applied our own successful, proprietary methodology for defining and clarifying brands to enable all of our team members to see the process our clients go through when engaging with us, whether for brand strategy, market strategy or messaging services. Our new website is a tangible manifestation of our methodology, and it’s an example of the work we do with our client partners, which is why we are so excited to launch it! 

Thanks for visiting! 

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