Social Media: Friend or Foe?

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Michiko Morales

As today’s marketing and public relations professionals struggle to complete their daunting to-do lists each day, social media ranks high as a priority. Yet, when surveyed, close to 9 out of 10 professionals didn’t quite know why.

GMG’s June 10 Start-Up Spotlight event featured an afternoon of lunch and networking, including a presentation from James Li, CEO and co-founder of Encore Alert, a marketing engine that automatically sends busy marketers real-time push alerts about valuable people, recommended content, and sudden changes in their social media.

While PR gurus lump tweeting and following into the daily to-do list, most engage in social media with an eye half open. They engage when time allows, yet most agree that this approach only scratches the surface of what could be done. There’s a multitude of products available that pride themselves in streamlining social media management, but the thought of logging into yet another tool sounds more like a headache than help.

Encore Alert serves as the extra set of hands by adding an additional level of intelligence to a social media strategy. The product continually identifies key mentions and trends within a brand’s social media space and provides proactive alerts with recommended action. Finally, the guessing game is over! Marketing teams can now work smarter, not harder, and strategically insert their voice into the social marketplace without the extra work. Encore Alert’s Twitter analytics also make it possible to see the direct impact of these social media efforts.

Social media can be a huge asset to any organization, and it’s exciting to see how Encore Alerts can be the driving force behind success within the social media playing field.

GMG wants to thank everyone who came out for the afternoon, and we welcome the tech community to join us at the next Spotlight! Stay tuned for details.

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