What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About Your Marketing Style?

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Michiko Morales

Halloween – the one night of the year when you can transform yourself into anything you want to be. Get a little creative, get a little weird!

Just like every year, I was so incredibly impressed with some of the costumes I saw out and about these past couple of weekends. As I browsed through friends’ pictures online, one question kept popping into my head: what exactly does our choice in Halloween costume say about us? And more specifically, could it potentially be saying something about the way we do business?

I’ve come up with a few examples of Halloween costumes you may have seen (or even dressed up as yourself) this past Halloweekend while lurking in the streets, crowding nightclub dance floors or huddled around the punch bowl at office costume parties. Could your Halloween gear label the kind of marketing style you generally lean towards? Let’s take a look!

The Ghost: This Halloween costume is as classic as it gets! Charlie Brown has been rocking this look since the 1960’s! If you were a ghost this Halloween, perhaps you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to doing business, especially with your marketing and public relations tactics. You prefer to follow traditional marketing methods rather than feeding into this “social media” hullabaloo. You probably have a wonderful relationship with the press and figure that these long-established business models have been working for years, so why not stick with them?

The “Punny” Costume: Perhaps you duct taped a bunch of cereal boxes to yourself and walked the streets, spoon in hand, with a sign that read “Cereal Killer.” Or maybe you and three of your best friends painted your face like Gene Simmons and carried around baguettes calling yourself “French Kiss.” The pun costume is my personal favorite to see out on Halloween, and definitely takes the cake for most creative. This originality is probably something that flows over into how you do business and for you creativity is key. You may dabble in graphic design here and there, and your business philosophy is all about eye-catching and attention-grabbing material! Your marketing style may be a bit quirky, but that’s usually what appeals to your customers the most.

The Zombie/Vampire: You are without a doubt a follower of the most recent trends. You’re always up to date on the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to business and marketing. Social media is your middle name and as far as you’re concerned, the more hashtags the better! You are often able to connect with your audience on a more personal level because you know their wants, interests and needs. You have shared interests with your target public and this typically works to your advantage.

The Alien: Whether your Halloween costume was geek-chic or you unleashed your true inner nerd and dressed up as Spock (complete with eyebrow extensions), you are definitely at the tech savvy end of the business spectrum. So what if you can’t function without the newest edition of the iPhone? No one can tell you that you’re behind the times. Your marketing strategy reflects your love of the tech industry, and you are always implementing some form of marketing, public relations or social media technology to make your life, and the life of your customers, a little easier.

So what was your costume this Halloween? Do you fall into any of these marketing categories? Or perhaps your personality and costume defined a marketing and PR sector all your own.

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