Public relations is near and dear to our hearts here at GMG. It’s one of the key things that really sets us apart from our competition. It’s where a lot of us got our start, and press and analyst coverage goes an extremely long way to get you noticed and build thought leadership on a tight budget. We have lots of ways to do just that (and, we’ve done it…again and again.)

Our PR team has won a slew of awards. Our East Coast global headquarters houses some of the sharpest and most creative PR Pros in the tech industry while our global premier partnerships take us into 51 national capitals in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We are available all the time, whenever opportunity and news happens that is relevant to your business.

Whether it’s a proactive news push based on breaking news or ongoing product review programs; a keynote speaking opportunity, awards, or bylines in industry publications that show your prospects you are defining innovation in your market, we do all of it, in a strategic and purposeful way that supports your growth.
We could talk all day about this stuff (and, we do) – just come visit us at GMG global headquarters, and you’ll see us in action and get to know us personally, or visit the client coverage page and you’ll see how our clients are lighting up the media world.

Some of what we do for our PR clients:

  • Media Relations. It’s always good to have the right people in your corner. We know who they are, and we know how to reach them with what they care about.
  • Evergreen Pitching. Don’t have a ton of news? Sure, press releases are great, but let’s face it: sometimes, you just don’t have something press-release-worthy to say. That’s why we pitch what we call “evergreen” stories. That means continuous coverage even in your slow news periods. That also means thought leadership articles, customer success stories, and jumping on industry trends and new events.
  • Strategic Positioning and Product Messaging. Finding the right way to stand out can be tricky. We’ll provide you a position and message that resonates with business, tech, vertical and the trade press.
  • Analyst Relations.Market influencers and leaders define the future of markets. Making sure you are communicating and building credibility with those that influence the trajectory of products and multi-million dollar investments and purchases is crucial to helping nascent markets and products develop, mature, get adopted and, eventually, positively impact the globe.
  • Media Training. Even the most experienced spokesperson needs a little training here and there. We can coach you on how to best present yourself and your company to the media’s heaviest hitters.
  • Editorial Opportunities. We know you’re passionate about what you do and that you want to share your opinions on it with the rest of the world. We’ll identify the best upcoming spots to do just that on the industry’s top editorial calendars

Best PR Firms in Washington DC
Best PR Firms in Washington DC

Services at a Glance

  • Media Relations
  • Evergreen Pitching
  • Strategic Positioning and Product Messaging.
  • Analyst relations
  • Awards Programs
  • Media Training
  • Editorial Opportunities