Collaboration: A Trending Topic for Success in 2015

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Michiko Morales

Strong companies are successful because of a) people they have working together toward unified goals and b) how those people work together to reach said goals. Effective communication and teamwork is absolutely essential to running a prosperous company, and collaboration seems to be the trending topic as of late for techies, marketers, enterprises and small businesses alike.

So, if efficient collaboration is the key to success, what is the key to efficient collaboration? Thanks to the finger we keep on the pulse of the latest and greatest solutions, and our personal experience as a technology marketing company, GMG has gleaned some useful insight on what it takes to get teams collaborating efficiently.

Create the Conditions. Effective teamwork is all about atmosphere. Whether teams get their creative juices flowing in an open-floor office with an Xbox and beanbag chair or a collaborative climate is achieved through weekly group brainstorming sessions, cultivating an environment in which employees feel eager, confident and empowered to collaborate with one another is vital.

Get Your Bond On. Businesses large and small should never underestimate the power of a company outing or team-building event. It doesn’t need to be elaborate – think happy hours or off-site lunches. Anything that gets your team out of the office and getting to know each other can significantly improve the teamwork that happens during the nine to five.

Turn to Technology. In a world where employees are using Google Drive for document collaboration, Skype for video chat, Dropbox for sharing and other solutions still for email and messaging, communication among team members can often become fragmented and inefficient. Employing a social collaboration platform that hosts all of these solutions under one roof can help to streamline company knowledge and empower your teams.

Enterprise collaboration tools, like Incentive, have become wildly popular among business of all sizes, as they provide teams with an all-in-one communicative tool that includes features like:
• Private chat
• Video messaging
• File management
• Social networking
• And more

The way teams work together can mean the difference of an organization that remains stagnant and one that not only meets, but surpasses its goals. Take some of these collaboration tips for a test drive and get the creative, inspiring people you have at your disposal working together for optimized success.

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