The Buyer Trends Your Business Needs to Know for a Successful 2023

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Michiko Morales

To tell you the truth, maintaining your buyers’ attention long enough to successfully guide them through your funnel is an uphill battle. Your customers are bombarded with an interminable onslaught of marketing messaging at every turn in their daily life. 

Unfortunately, many businesses let their buyers aimlessly wander around in some mystical land of enchantment instead of engaging them along their journey. You can’t let your buyers get lost in Wonderland like Alice. You must proactively drive them to the bottom of your funnel with thoughtful and meaningful interactions. Your go-to-market strategy and marketing planning should reflect the best path of least resistance for your buyers.

Your buyers have enough hurdles to jump over just to get a glimpse of your groundbreaking product or solution. Their attention is being vied for by every pop-up ad, spam email or influencer trying to sell them a miracle cure to male-pattern baldness and everything else under the sun. Sure, there may be a miracle cure to baldness, but there are no miracles involved with keeping your buyer journeys on track. That comes down to taking quantifiable, pragmatic steps, following best practices, making data-driven decisions, leveraging technology and using guidance from an expert team that drives these buyers home. 

So, how can your brand captivate them through the awareness, consideration and decision stages of your funnel amid all of these distractions?

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some best practices, up-to-date trends and media training tips to help your brand stay top-of-mind with buyers this year.

Here are Seven Must-Know Areas That Will Help You Improve Your Buyers’ Journeys in 2023: 

1. Understand your buyer personas 

Leverage your existing sales data to shape your marketing efforts. Understanding your buyer personas is critical to developing content, understanding where and how your audiences consume information and reaching them wherever they are. 

2. Provide quality content 

Create engaging, relevant and personalized content to resonate with the customer.  The right content draws the right audience to your brand, increasing your online presence and thereby fostering your position as a trusted thought leader. 

3. Build trust 

Give buyers a reason to believe through various forms of content. Authenticity is more important now than ever.  Build in helpful information and expert recommendations and showcase how your product can help solve their common problems. This builds brand loyalty among your audience and makes them more likely to come back again and again because they trust that you understand their business needs and offer help.

4. Leverage account-based marketing 

Take a highly targeted approach – you know who your target customers are and can focus on reaching out to those organizations specifically vs. a broad campaign. This allows you to really tailor your message to a specific customer or organization. And while it could be more costly per lead, typical conversion rates are improved because you know the target is higher quality.  

5. Know your audience 

Do you really know who is visiting your website? Do you actually dig into your Google Analytics to truly understand your website traffic? Do you have an SEO strategy in place? If not, you need to know. Using a tool like Hotjar can help you better understand how your visitors experience your website and how you can move those prospects through the funnel with targeted content to take them along the journey. 

6. Marry content and site traffic, along with a strong ABM program

You should now be generating leads. How you engage is vital to continuing to build trust and move that prospect to a customer. An ABM approach allows you to really focus on specific messaging for that audience and whoever is providing your content development services should be able to create detailed reporting.

7. Make data-informed decisions 

Leverage machine learning to predict customer behavior based on past purchases or behaviors. These will only continue to trend in 2023 and beyond. Making data-informed decisions, combined with actually speaking to your customers, will drive successful conversions.   

Your brand needs to incentivize your buyers through the awareness, consideration and decision stages of their journey with savvy strategies — not just a myopic angle of simply selling more products.  

At GMG, our experts champion your brand story and proselytize the incredible solutions your organization offers — we’ll make believers out of your audience and guide them through their journey. We’re a growth marketing and PR agency powered by technology that’s helmed by the highest caliber talent. We approach each B2B and B2C marketing client as a long-term partner so that we can sufficiently and successfully navigate your buyers through their journey to becoming a customer. More than rapid growth, we provide your desired future state of business. We’re passionate about collaborating with organizations that have the capacity to define new market products and innovative solutions that positively impact industry, economy and humanity. 

Get in touch with us if you need a trusted and proven partner that can help you make the nuanced maze of B2C and B2B buyers’ journeys clear and direct.

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