There has been a seismic strategic shift in the way the world’s most successful brands approach demand generation. At GMG, innovation is in our DNA and our approach is at the bleeding edge of marketing techniques and strategies to keep our clients’ growth engines running in overdrive as this shift continues to evolve.

To secure real, measurable results, we approach our clients’ growth needs with a complete, 360-degree view. Yesterday’s marketers’ sole focus on the funnel was linear and formulaic, resulting in higher Customer Acquisition Costs, lower Customer Lifetime Value and lower overall conversion rates. This approach often meant that marketers view customers as an end state, not a dynamic and crucial asset to improving overall profitability, brand value and revenue generation.

We help our clients adopt a total lifecycle approach, putting the individual at the center of the marketing process. From qualified lead to customer, each individual is continually nurtured by targeted and personalized engagement that truly delights. We also help our clients’ organizational teams align when needed to best serve customers and prospects while helping to reshape or define their target industries. This approach more often translates to rapid growth and surpassed KPI targets.

How do we do it?

Our Growth Marketing team provides the services that innovative companies need to gain market share, drive qualified traffic, convert customers and keep brand awareness top of mind.

Becoming a market leader and reaching a lasting, positive global impact is rarely achieved through a formulaic approach. We apply our expertise to customize a program that will work for your growth objectives. What does success mean to you? Is it footprint? App downloads? Brand awareness? Vertical market dominance? No two objectives or technology clients look alike and our unique Growth Marketing programs provide an expedited ramp-up that allows immediate results for technology companies.

Some of the key elements of our programs include:

  • Target Market, Persona and Journey Development Framework. We help our clients define the buyer journey and develop detailed target personas, as well as plans for new market penetration. By ensuring a clear path to conversion and relevant, compelling messaging, our clients experience a faster time to scale and a quicker ROI.
  • Digital Content Map. Planning and developing digital content that attracts, engages and delights your prospects and customers is crucial to producing faster revenue and long-lasting conversions.
  • Growth Model Foundation. A scalable growth formula that informs all qualitative decisions, which start with KPIs and ends with Outputs that align with acquisition goal numbers, CAC, CPL and more.
  • Demand Generation. From SEO to identifying paid media partnerships that drive the right leads, we put together customized plans that introduce your targets into the marketing process at the right place.
  • Digital Advertising Execution. We know audiences and how to build them. The people at GMG are experts at finding the sweet spot that generates the right clicks from the optimal targets so your cost per acquisition is low while your customer lifetime value remains high.
  • Marketing Automation. We put the automation into place to help keep your prospects engaged and continuing their pathway to purchase. We meticulously plan and establish workflows for each unique campaign and tie them in with your overall Growth Marketing strategy for the biggest return.
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement. When it comes to sales and marketing, collaboration is essential for the entire company to achieve its overall growth objectives. We work with your marketing and sales team to ensure processes and mutual understanding are in place to guarantee that no lead goes unattended.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization. We work tirelessly to continuously improve conversion rates. From A/B Testing of new landing page designs to “wow” ad creative, we are our clients’ partner in scaling and improving their programs.
  • In-depth Reporting. We make it our business to ask the tough questions of your data. Sometimes, your data is hiding the secret to your success. We dig very deep to analyze what your program is trying to tell you and then test assumptions without wasting your budget.
  • Personalized Reporting Dashboards. We offer our clients custom, real-time dashboards for reporting that integrate into your marketing, sales, eCommerce and other crucial systems to provide you with the actionable insights and reporting your internal team may need.

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Best Marketing Consultants in Washington DC
Best Marketing Consultants in Washington DC

Services at a Glance

  • Campaign Planning
  • Buyer persona Development
  • Digital Advertising – SEM and Social
  • Account Based Marketing Programs
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales Enablement
  • Real-time BI Dashboards
  • Marketing Automation
  • HubSpot Management
  • Digital Creative Development