Top Tech Trends for 2012

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Michiko Morales

Recently, both Deloitte and Gartner published forecasts about top tech trends for 2012. While the two lists are different, the upshot for each is digitalization. For Deloitte, it is all about elevating IT for digital business, and Gartner predicts “the digitization of everything.”

Deloitte says five external forces–mobility, analytics, social, cloud and cyber–have set the stage for trends that will span multiple industries and disciplines. It says the convergence of these trends will lead to a “post-digital” age in which digital technology is “baked in” rather than “bolted on.” It divides its list into two sets – “disruptors,” such as gamification, social business, enterprise mobility and user empowerment, and “enablers,” which include geospatial visualization and “outside-in” architecture (i.e., delivering business through an ecosystem rather than via a siloed approach).

The Gartner research overlaps somewhat, as its list includes media tablets, mobile-centric applications and interfaces, contextual and social user experience, next generation analytics and Big Data.

At Gabriel Marketing Group, our clients have helped to set these trends in motion. Big Data and predictive analytics, mobility and the enterprise, empowerment of the individual through BYOD, gaming and optimization of social media are all areas where we work with clients to hone marketing messages and craft public relations strategies. Both Deloitte and Gartner discuss how these tech trends are changing the landscape and will drive business growth in the future – at GMG, we’re glad to be ahead of the curve.


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