Three of Mom’s Greatest Lessons

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Michiko Morales

As the age-old saying goes, “Momma always knows best!”

Fast-forward a few years and, looking back now as an adult, it’s funny just how true this statement is. From the lessons taught in our early elementary years to the “how to do your own laundry” rundown we were given before shipping off to college, mom has always known best.

In honor of celebrating the woman who has stood by our sides through thick and thin, we’re looking back on three of mom’s greatest life lessons that have stayed with us through the years.

1. Give and Take
Ultimately, this boils down to learning how to compromise. Siblings, classmates, or coworkers – the lesson is the same. From an early age, mom taught us the importance of learning to understand another person’s viewpoint, and sometimes when all else fails, knowing when to just agree to disagree. Mom’s takeaway – in business and in life, true success comes with a little wiggle room. Building relationships with peers and colleagues and learning how to compromise will almost always produce a favorable result for both parties.

2. Live in the Moment while Planning for Tomorrow
Moms have that unique ability to put any type of seemingly insurmountable situation into perspective and keep us focused on what’s really important. As I went through a bit of a bumpy “transition” period post-college into the life of a real-world, working adult, my mom was there to provide guidance (and a friendly reminder each month to make my car payment!). One of life’s greatest lessons that I learned early on is to be present in the moment (at work, at home, and with friends), while also keeping a watchful eye for opportunities down the road. Today, this means splurging on great seats for a concert while saving a little each payday for retirement.

3. Hard Work Will Always Pay Off
As I’m sure many can relate to, I grew up watching my mother work full time and still manage to keep our household afloat, despite all the chaos my siblings and I threw her way. To this day, she’s always been the best example I’ve seen of hard work paying off.  Sure – there will always be someone out there with a leg up in the classroom or in the office, but there’s something to be said about the person who is the first in and the last to leave each day.

So, as we come together this weekend to celebrate all the moms and mother figures who have been true testaments to hard work and perseverance, make sure to put a little extra thought into this year’s gift to show how much she’s appreciated!

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