Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dogs’ Tails… and Email Marketing?

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As a mom-to-be, I have had a whole new world opened up to me recently. One that I had heard existed, but until now I had no real reason – or need – to explore. Yes, I’m talking about the world of pregnancy marketing.

Even just a few years ago when some of my girlfriends were having babies (I am admittedly a late bloomer), there weren’t things like apps that tell you what’s happening with your baby each week – or each day, if you want that level of detail. You just had your set number of ultrasounds and check ins, and, unless anything major came up, that was it.

These days, with every new adventure – whether you’re taking up rock climbing, starting to sew or, in my case, having a baby – there are a myriad of electronic tools and gadgets you can find to make whatever you happen to be doing more manageable – and you more informed. So it’s no surprise that the procreation world has followed suit.

I have tried to keep up. I now have two apps on my phone that alert me to all the milestones, “this week… elbows!,” along with invitations to join mommy groups or see what part of my body will be moving and shifting while baby gets his elbows. So I have the app, maybe just to be part of the ‘hip’ crowd, but I don’t use it.

So what do I find the most helpful? Straight old tried and true email marketing. There are two sites that I signed up with – you put in your due date, any other information you want them to know (it’s a BOY!), and how often you want updates. With these, every week I get an email that says “you’re on week XX! Here’s what your baby looks like, here’s what you’re probably going through.” If I don’t read it right away, it’s there for me to come back to – and, unlike an app, I can forward these emails to everyone from my parents and friends back home to my grandma in Florida. One click and they see everything – and even the most challenged emailers in my life can figure this out.

Plus, if you’re so inclined, you can also opt in to get coupons and sales notices from their “retail partners,” i.e. their real bread and butter. Normally this is something I’d opt out of right away, but being a late bloomer means you have many who have gone before you to give you great advice – and these trusted advisors have told me there are great savings to be had from these coupons. Which is why, for now, I’m still on the list.

Having multiple options to receive information is fantastic – but new doesn’t always mean better. So don’t discount email marketing in favor of all the new fancy trends.

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