Rise of the “Gig Economy”

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Michiko Morales

The “Gig Economy,” or the on-demand “sharing” economy, provides so many new ways for consumers to obtain the services they need, while creating even more opportunities for entrepreneurial spirits. Companies like Uber, Online Owls and Handy have embraced this new age of service and are reaping the benefits. The Uber business model has opened the door to hundreds of potential on-demand service companies. If not for Uber, we might have never known the power of the “Gig Economy.”

Today’s consumer looks for many things from a service provider, but chief among them is convenience. How is this service going to help me? How will this service make my life easier? Both good questions that are frequently answered by on-demand services companies offering convenience.

Working for a technology marketing agency, I get to see the newest trends, startups and venture capital funding of some of the most exciting new companies in the tech industry. These are the companies that are shaping our future, and that future looks pretty exciting. Take a look at some of the most impressive on-demand service companies that are on their way to massive expansion.

Online Owls

Online Owls is a provider of trusted, immediate and affordable on-demand tech support throughout the Washington D.C. metro area. They can help customers set up or fix any Internet-connected device – from computers to smart TVs to smartphones, and they plan on expanding to Frederick, Baltimore, Annapolis and Richmond by 2016.


Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman service, coming off a brilliant week at Web Summit in Dublin, where the three-year-old company closed a deal worth $50 million! Handy looks to build the easiest, most convenient way for busy people to schedule trustworthy household services.


TaskRabbit enables you to outsource personal errands and skilled tasks to trusted people in your community. Whether you need your dog walked or the dishes done, TaskRabbit will accommodate a variety of household tasks.

Push For Pizza (my personal favorite)

Having already received news coverage in major publications including the New York Times and Forbes, Push For Pizza is trying to create a world where you can push a button in an app and get hot, fresh pizza at your doorstep. Simple, yet extremely attractive, especially for those of us who channel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the regular.

Each of these relatively new companies provides a service that people will always need. Need a ride? There’s an app for that. Need tech support? There’s an app for that. Have a leaking toilet? There’s an app for that. Need general help around the house? There’s even an app for that!

Not only does the “Gig Economy” provide convenient services, it also creates jobs. In a country on the tail end of one of the worst stints of unemployment in history, these gigs companies have the opportunity to bring America back around to being the land of opportunity that has been sought after by millions of people around the world.

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