Celebrating 12 Years of Excellence in PR & Marketing for High-Growth B2B and B2C Companies

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Michiko Morales

Your company is innovative. Your team of experts strives for excellence. You have exciting solutions or products that you believe can change the world for the better. And, your mission-driven, high-growth organization must get the word out about the incredible and impactful ideas you bring to the market.

Sadly, this is where many organizations stumble. Despite the best intentions to reach potential clients, maintain trajectory, and create tangible growth, they struggle to translate their ideas into profit. In an act of desperation, they take on myopic partners that only deliver unqualified, fast leads, which don’t end up converting. It’s a tale that happens all too often when companies don’t have a seasoned team of experts developing a marketing and PR strategy that complements their innovations.

In a sea of marketing and PR white noise, reaching your target audience can prove to be a disheartening endeavor, at the very least. With the exponential proliferation of technology, such as AI, both B2B and B2C marketing and PR strategies continue to evolve drastically. Further, KPI goalposts continually shift, leaving organizations confounded about how impactful their marketing and PR programs actually are. 

To put it bluntly, solid leads are harder to come by than ever before. Your organization needs a guide that can help you intelligently react in changing times, reach your target audience and get them in your funnel. That’s how you will get the results you want from marketing and public relations. 

Navigating the treachery found across the vast and endless digital sea requires a steadfast and diligent hand — one that’s savvy enough to underpin technology with human experience and knowledge. It takes a global, forward-thinking marketing and PR agency that embraces evolution and breaks through barriers.

At GMG, we’ve reached a milestone in doing exactly that for hundreds of organizations. Over the past 12 years, we’ve focused on being an authentic, ethical and metrics-driven growth partner for cutting-edge organizations that have a shared passion for excellence. 

Reflecting back on our anniversary, we’re grateful to have partnered with over 300 growth-oriented clients that have seen incredible success and growth as a result of our work —   25 of which have even been acquired by industry titans like Microsoft and Google. Exceeding the industry standard, we’ve maintained an average relationship of more than three years with clients and have secured hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising-equivalent news coverage for our PR clients in top-tier news outlets including Associated Press, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Business Insider, NBC News and CNBC. We’ve even won 90 fantastic awards of excellence for our efforts, we’re a Certified HubSpot Gold agency partner and a member of Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network for B2B and technology. 

It’s been an incredible journey, but we’re only getting started.

As an award-winning marketing and PR agency that has maintained a noble pursuit of helping to make the world a better place through partnerships with strategic clients, our aim is to grow the business of brands like yours domestically and internationally. Our success results from implementing best-in-class technology, staying embedded on the cutting edge to keep our finger on the pulse of trends, leveraging expert human ingenuity and good old-fashioned hard work to ensure our clients reach their goals. 

We seek out new technologies and enterprises that are mission-focused to improve the world we all live in. Our revitalized goal is to unite changemakers with dynamic opportunities to improve the status quo and positively impact industry, economy and humanity. We’re an agency that layers best practices with technology to drive efficiency, consistency, in-depth reporting and access to data that helps differentiate clients’ messages and execute tactics to produce measurable results​. As an agency that offers the entire spectrum of marketing, from public relations and communications services to strategy, media relations and content development, we provide a strategic, integrated plan and deliver all the components you need to facilitate rapid growth. ​ 

Our growth mindset breathes fresh life into organizations of all sizes and industries. Our passion and spirit of innovation permeate our methodologies, our processes and our infrastructure — we’ll never stop challenging the status quo. 

As we continue to grow upon the foundation of our longstanding credibility and win awards, what really drives us is seeing the impact that we have on our clients’ long-term success. We bring to bear our technology, communications, analytics and methodologies that enable the rapid formation and implementation of strategies and tactics that position your business for growth.​ If you want to learn more about the philosophy behind our impactful and quantifiable solutions that can transform your business, reach out to us today.

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