Where High-Tech Startups Live – It’s Not Just Silicon Valley

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According to new research from technology policy coalition Engine and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Colorado is a hotbed of innovation. In fact, the report shows that four of the top ten metro areas for high-tech startup density are located in Colorado.

  1. Boulder
  2. Fort Collins-Loveland
  3. Denver
  4. Colorado Springs

In light of this information, it’s not surprising then that there’s even a conference–VCIR Winter–dedicated to showcasing the rocky mountain region’s most promising emerging growth companies. The conference provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to network with venture investors.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Colorado is trying to follow in the footsteps of Silicon Valley. The Colorado startup scene is uniquely its own, hosting events like the one the Silicon Flatirons Centers put on this past June where a panels of expert discussed the question of whether Colorado’s two most famous startup scenes–software and craft brewing–could learn anything from one another.

Here are three Colorado startups we think are doing cool things:

SeedPaths – Denver – Teaches young people how to develop software and helps them find jobs through its recruiters. The company is working with a charter school serving low-income students.

Nanoly -Boulder– A biotech startup developing methods to preserve vaccines without refrigeration so that they can be delivered to remote parts of the world.

Brandfolder–Denver–Develops software that helps ensure consistent brand representation by providing companies with a simple, visual brand asset sharing platform. *This is the kind of technology marketing we can get behind!

With the rise of Colorado’s technology startup culture, it’s becoming clear that with access to technology and an educated work force, any region can become a hub for innovation. When people take the time to build relationships with other innovators in their area, they can develop a successful entrepreneurial climate just about anywhere.

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