Interview: Define Your Purpose With Market Disruptor Leah Nurik

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Michiko Morales

How do you define your purpose?

Is it your happiness? The work you do? Or a mixture of the two?

Gabriel Marketing Group’s founder and CEO, Leah Nurik, recently sat down with Stephen Warley from Life Skills That Matter to talk about this exact subject.

In the podcast interview, Leah discusses the different aspects of her career and life that define her purpose, including:

– How she learned to take risks on someone else’s dime
– How she evolved her business into an industry-leading agency
– How she’s created her own unique mix of ingredients that make her happy in her work
– And more

Take a look at the podcast below to learn which life skills Leah believes matter the most, how her daily schedule helps her achieve greatness and her favorite inspirational quotes to help get her through the day. You’ll walk away with advice, insight into what makes her a disruptor and thoughts on what purpose really is.

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