To Break Through to Top-tier Media, Commission a Survey

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Michael Tebo

If you’re having trouble breaking through to that next level of media coverage, surveys are an excellent way to generate media coverage. By gathering data on a specific topic, trend or issue, you can use that data to create compelling stories that can capture the attention of journalists and their audiences. Reporters are always looking for fresh and interesting angles to cover, and a well-designed survey can provide unique and newsworthy data that increases the chances of inclusion in media coverage, which can ultimately help to raise your profile, increase your visibility and branding and enhance your reputation.

A survey is an effective tool for creating media coverage for various reasons. 

  1. Increased visibility: By providing valuable data and insights on a particular topic, surveys can generate media coverage that increases your brand’s visibility and reach. Journalists are always searching for stories that are fresh, new and engaging. By conducting a survey and gathering new data, you can provide journalists with an angle or perspective on a topic that they may not have considered before. For example, if you conduct a survey on consumer preferences for sustainable products, you can provide journalists with data on what products are most popular, what motivates consumers to buy sustainable products, and what barriers prevent them from doing so. This information can be used to create a compelling story that will attract readers and viewers.
  1. Establishing thought leadership: Surveys help establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry by providing insights and data that are valuable to your target audience. Shape the media conversation around a particular topic by demonstrating your expertise and understanding of the field and offering analysis and original commentary on the results and their greater meaning. 
  1. Enhancing brand reputation: By conducting surveys and sharing insights, your brand can demonstrate its commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of its customers, which enhances its reputation. When a brand conducts a survey, it shows they value their customers’ opinions and are committed to providing the best possible experience. This demonstrates that the brand is listening and responding to customer needs, which can also help build trust and loyalty.
  1. Creating shareable content: Surveys can generate data and insights that can be turned into shareable content, such as infographics, blog posts and social media posts, which can help your brand reach a wider audience. With interesting, informative and relevant results, well-designed surveys increase the likelihood of your content being shared on social media platforms.
  1. Engaging with customers: Surveys can also be used to generate interest and engagement from a specific audience, creating a sense of community and engagement around a topic that interests the audience. Additionally, by sharing the results of the survey with respondents, you can create a sense of ownership and investment in the topic, which can increase engagement and interest. This, in turn, can create an increase media coverage opportunities.

Interesting survey results often generate media coverage over the long term and can be a “gift that keeps on giving.” We have several clients who have executed surveys and seen the results cited in news stories some 12-18 months later.

A well-designed survey can also be conducted on an annual basis, so you can compare changes in your industry year over year, where your original survey then serves as a benchmark.

For brands of all sizes, a survey can be used as an effective PR tool for increasing visibility, establishing thought leadership, enhancing brand reputation, creating shareable content and engaging with customers. 

At GMG, we know that gaining traction in top-tier media outlets can be an uphill battle, but our public relations experts have the experience and know-how to put the right strategies in place so your brand can gain the recognition it deserves. As a mission-driven organization aimed at uniting changemakers with dynamic opportunities to challenge the status quo, our like-minded team takes ownership of ensuring your innovative solution has a chance for growth. 

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