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Why Choose GMG as Your Technology PR and Growth Marketing Partner



Measurable Expertise

Focused, Proven and Integrated​

The Highest
Caliber Talent

Powered by Technology, Differentiated IP and Analytics

A Strategic, Innovating Spirit

A Partner for
Rapid Growth

Proven, Measurable

Our history and success with more than 300 high-growth clients, coupled with our extensive industry awards, is only the tip of the iceberg. We leverage proven best practices and foundational strategies to create meaningful and lasting results for clients across a massive spectrum of industries and verticals. We back up our work by providing quantifiable, transparent metrics to our clients through every step of the engagement.

Focused, Proven and Integrated​

We’re an agency that offers core services for accelerating growth across the spectrum of growth marketing, public relations and communications. From strategy to media relations to content development, GMG provides its clients a winning plan and integrated services that deliver the essential components required to facilitate exponential growth.

The Highest Caliber Talent​

The experts on our team are highly talented, vetted and ethical individuals. They not only elevate our team’s dynamic but, by striving for excellence in everything they do, create quantifiable opportunity and growth for our marketing and public relations clients.

Powered by Technology, Differentiated IP and Analytics​

We harness our technology solutions and documented proprietary methodologies to continuously measure and improve the impact of our services to our clients’ unique KPIs, streamline communication, ensure operational efficiency and deliver top-level client service.​

A Strategic, Innovating Spirit

We identify, realize and capture unseen opportunities by using honed and proven methodologies and adapting to ever-changing business environments.​ Operating with flexibility and adaptability to our clients’ evolving needs, current market trends, changes in technology, and the media landscape​, we continually adapt to stay ahead of the curve.

​A Partner for Rapid Growth

With sharp expertise at the intersection of marketing, PR and growth, we deliver a return on investment for brands of all sizes, whether by increasing their valuation, optimally positioning them for securing funding and pursuing a merger/acquisition or preparing for going public.


We have a passion for change and evolution to improve the world around us​. Both our clients and the GMG team seek to innovate and define new market products and solutions that positively impact industry, economy and humanity.  ​

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