Gabriel Marketing Group is a boutique PR and Growth Marketing agency 100% focused on high-growth technology companies.
At GMG we focus on helping disruptive technology companies tell the right story to help them grow fast. We do that by taking all the secrets, tools of the trade and brainpower that we’ve acquired and honed over the years in the technology marketing sector to help your business, old or new, get on the right path with the right message. Whether you’re launching a new product, rebranding an old one or need to put a new twist on your brand, we help you tackle everything, from strategic positioning, media strategy and creative development to the management and execution of your digital advertising and demand generation tasks. From market strategy and public relations to digital advertising and content development, we’re dedicated to helping high-growth tech companies transform their business and, in turn, the way the world works.
How does it work? We take what we have learned from our successful work with some of the industry’s hottest tech companies, and apply our experience to help you define the right markets, targets, message and brand building strategy so you get noticed by prospects, partners, press, influencers and investors. Then, we put all that knowledge to work with proactive digital growth marketing programs, impactful public relations and the creation of stand-out brand elements that generate not just buzz, but business. The result? You grow. FAST.