What it Means to be a Mission-Driven Public Relations and Marketing Agency

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Amy Wick

I never had a great relationship with goals and goal-setting. Throughout my career, leading various teams at adidas and now here at GMG, I realized that dislike was due to a lack of defining a purpose. And, rather than setting arbitrary targets, I realized it was critical to always start with the “why” in order to see real success.

Focusing on the why sets up our purpose. And, working with purpose — instead of throwing those arbitrary targets at the board and seeing what sticks — instills ownership and grit that produce excellence from everyone on the team. Goals and targets are great, but you must first establish the motivational “why” behind the organization’s purposeful mission. Having this mission-driven mindset can set your organization up for long-term growth and success — and fundamentally make an impact for good in the world.

What does mission-driven really mean, anyway?

The term “mission-driven” gets tossed around frequently as of late, but it can be defined very differently by anyone who uses it. No, mission-driven is not a mission statement that simply outlines your operational focus and goals. What it boils down to is serving others and creating change for the better. 

Being a mission-driven organization means having a shared purpose. It is about creating a culture in which we go about our days with intentionality. It’s being conscious of what we do, how we do it, why we do it and with whom we work. It’s also about having intentionality, purpose, a clear path and, yes, goals to get there.

If we are intentional about how and why we do what we do, this will carry through in our everyday lives. Being productive, then, is no longer about doing more and being busy — it’s about producing a positive outcome for everyone. Growth is a natural byproduct stemming from a mission-driven mindset, and it perpetuates and permeates throughout your entire organization. 

According to a Deloitte survey, mission-driven company workers are 54% more likely to stay for five years at a company and 30% more likely to grow into high performers than those who arrive at work with only their paycheck as the motivator.

Meanwhile, Forbes indicates that “High-performance organizations are linked to being mission-driven companies. Mission statements must reflect a commitment to higher social good for the community they serve, both local and global. Authenticity and transparency build trust. Organizations high in trust are 2.5 times more likely to function as a high-performance organization with revenue growth than lower-performance organizations.”

Organizations that are mission-driven create a positive environment for every stakeholder involved, whether it’s their employees, supply chain, customers, community or even the world. And being mission-driven isn’t a flash-in-the-pan trend, either — they’re becoming the standard for companies and a primary choice for consumers, fundamentally shifting the paradigm of how business is conducted. Not only does being mission-focused promote corporate confidence, but it builds trust with your consumers, increases productivity and attracts higher-quality talent.

What mission-driven companies are making a difference in the world and seeing growth?

The evidence is prolific. Whether it pertains to sustainability, B-Corp-certified consumer goods, or altruistic-focused software and technology, the companies making the most headlines and garnering a passionate following are all mission-driven. 

From Patagonia, Allbirds, Toms and Athletic Brewing to Trader Joe’s, Asana and PayPal, the industry or vertical do not matter; there’s plenty of proof that any organization can be successful by being mission-driven. 

For GMG, being mission-driven is a built-in strategy for leading and managing our business. It involves regular, monthly measurement, review, reflection, and honesty in our approach to growth marketing and effective public relations. That philosophy is reflected in the clients and solutions providers we choose as partners. Our core values and our discipline in reaching our goals must be aligned. That is why we launched a 2023 growth strategy with clear targets and goals centered on our mission and if our day-to-day work and focus are not in favor of those, we reset. We hold ourselves accountable. As a result, we’ve created a culture of knowledge-sharing, access, empowerment and coaching and one that challenges the status quo.

Our agency is dedicated to partnering with like-minded changemakers who seek to change the status quo with their innovative solutions that positively impact humanity, industry and economy. That is our purpose, our mission and our focus. Our team of talented and ethical professionals makes it their mission to stay on the innovative edge, constantly evolve, and use new and differentiating techniques and technologies. They use their mission to drive and measure impact and create competitive differentiation so our clients can realize meaningful and lasting growth.

Want to learn how our growth marketing and public relations agency’s mission-driven approach can significantly grow your brand awareness and demand generation?

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