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Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with Strategic Marketing and PR

Dramatically accelerate your sales cycle
and brand awareness with strategic
marketing and PR


GMG Helps Appcast Break Through to National Media

Looking to expand your organization’s
reach? See how GMG delivered $75
million in advertising equivalency


Brand Awareness Campaign Drives Over $600K in Revenue

Need to generate more leads? See how we drove more than 1,000 qualified leads and dramatically accelerated our client’s sales cycle


Taking a New Product Launch to the Stars with Digital Ads

Learn how GMG’s award-winning digital advertising and marketing team launched a client’s new product and gained thousands of new users


We Generated $9.85 Million in Publicity Value for a Client

Learn how our client gained millions worth of media value, increased brand awareness among its target market and
established market-wide best practice
expertise through our PR Practice


Drive B2B Leads Using Mind-Blowing Digital Ads

Ready for your ads to blast off? Check out our infographic and learn how Gabriel Marketing offers comprehensive digital ad services for B2B tech companies


90-second Marketing Checkup

Want to improve your digital marketing but don’t know where to start? Take our assessment and see how fit your company is!


What’s Your Why? Marketing With Purpose

Learn how to strengthen your brand and bottom line with purpose-driven marketing


Why “One and Done” Content Never Wins

Creating content isn’t easy. Learn how to save money, time and make a bigger impact with this eBook


5 Strategic Elements of PR

Unfortunately for tech companies today, there are no magic lamps or ruby slippers that will ensure a successful company or product launch. The trick is finding the balance – and the experts to get you there


Integrated Marketing and PR

Attracting new opportunities, building valuation and defining a market is hard work for tech companies.Find out how to keep revenue numbers climbing and how to be the first word on the web and the final word in your field