Our Clients are Tackling Climate Change Head-on — And That’s Why We Chose to Partner with Them

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Michiko Morales

As a mission-driven marketing and PR agency, we remain steadfast in our work to impact the world positively. You could say, it’s a way of life here at GMG. As the seemingly insurmountable challenge of climate change and its impact on humanity grows, we continue to look for partners to shift the world in a positive direction. We previously outlined what it means to be mission-driven here at GMG, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of our clients that are challenging the status quo in their mission to fight the climate battle on the front lines.

On the heels of Earth Day and as we close out Arbor Day, we’re not simply making an all-too-common, vapid statement on social media — we’re turning words into action. We’ve partnered with game-changing innovators, GreenTrees and GridPoint and by elevating their brand visibility, we’re helping them accomplish their organization’s missions. These two organizations are rapidly gaining incredible recognition as leaders in the climate protection space — in fact, one of them just rang the opening NYSE bell only mere hours ago. What GreenTrees and GridPoint are doing is an incredible step in the right direction and we’re excited to share more about them.

But first, a history lesson. While modern incantations of Arbor Day began in 1805, origins of it date as far back as 1594 in Mondoñedo, Spain. Later, over one million trees were planted in celebration of the holiday in Nebraska in 1872. Meanwhile, the younger celebration of Earth Day began almost 100 years later, in 1970. Earth Day was also originally intended to be a celebration and symbol of peace brought forth as a concept at an earlier UNESCO meeting. Suffice it to say we wholeheartedly celebrate these holidays, and they’re none more fitting for a time of recognizing the work of GreenTrees and GridPoint.

How GreenTrees Combats Climate Change:

GreenTrees is focused on reforestation and carbon removal through its land equity programs for U.S. landowners. They generate the largest number of forestry carbon removal credits in the U.S. and are the only carbon removal program open to both small and large landowners. GreenTrees engages individual landowners to plant forests, measure the growth annually and convert the annual growth into carbon credits. All carbon credits in GreenTrees’ projects undergo a rigorous verification process by the American Carbon Registry and are accepted by global environmental markets as the highest standard for quality in nature-based carbon removals. GreenTrees has engaged more than 600 landowners ranging from 10 to 3,500+ acres and planted 130,000+ acres of forests that have removed more than six million metric tons of carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere; these existing planted acres will remove a projected 30 million metric tons over the next 40 years. Fortune 500 companies trust GreenTrees’ carbon credits to meet sustainability goals and combat climate change.

How GridPoint Combats Climate Change:

GridPoint builds energy management and optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and accelerates a more sustainable future. GridPoint’s data-driven platform connects energy grids with the built environment and behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, enabling the ability to optimize energy and sustainability goals for businesses and the grid at the same time. GridPoint’s technology platform is deployed in 17,000+ commercial buildings across multiple industries. Leveraging data analytics, intelligent automation and machine learning to deliver unprecedented visibility into complex building operations, GridPoint reduces energy costs, maximizes decarbonization, provides actionable facility insights and strengthens resiliency – building by building. Networked together, buildings with GridPoint Intelligence™ aggregate the reliable, precise and instantaneous capacity that energy grids increasingly require. GridPoint’s intelligent energy network of buildings is driving grid modernization and accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future. 

Why GMG Partners with Mission-Driven Changemakers

Being green isn’t easy, as the inimitable Kermit the Frog once lamented, but at GMG, we’re committed to the missions of our like-minded partners such as GreenTrees and GridPoint. Our mission-driven, change-making partners who seek to challenge the status quo with their innovative solutions gives us hope for the future. We strive to help our clients positively impact humanity, industry and economy — that’s our purpose, our mission and our focus. Our team of talented and ethical professionals makes it their mission to stay on the innovative edge, constantly evolve, and use new and differentiating techniques and technologies. They use their mission to drive and measure impact and create competitive differentiation so our clients can realize meaningful and lasting growth.

Ready to find out how our public relations agency’s mission-driven approach can significantly grow your brand awareness and demand generation?

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